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A true artist simplifies the complex and transforms that simplicity into a thing of beauty.

Adapted from a Magician’s credo

Armed with the knowledge and refined skill that comes from over 32 years of experience in the creative industry Chong Ping Assiu, better known as “David Pang”, has delighted clients such as First Citizens,

KFC and Unilever with his original designs, concepts and art direction.


His insight into all aspects of the creative business from conceptualization to print production distinguishes him from other designers. As such, he is not only a graphic and web designer but a designer of seamless, user-friendly experiences.


Chong Ping’s evolution as an artist closely mirrored that of Trinidad’s creative industry itself: from rough layouts and finished artwork by hand to desktop publishing. Not surprisingly, his arsenal of tools includes

the Adobe suite. His weapons of choice however are Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Final Cut. 


His skills include DVD authoring, model building, videography, photography, graphic quality control, 

visualizing & drawing of architectural plans and trouble shooting anything Mac related. Professionalism, elegance and aesthetic pleasure typify his work. If you would like them to become the hallmark of your brand, you can contact him here.


In his spare time Chong Ping enjoys spending time with his wife and children, driving various RC vehicles, flying drones and writing about himself in the third person.

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